Today it is impossible to imagine more than one shop without convenient and usable packaging. Bags on the rolls are cross-functional and perfectly suitable for any goods. Among the entire assortment, the shirt bag on the roll is particularly popular. This form factor is optimal and differs in practicality and spaciousness in comparison with others. Thanks to this filler bags in the roll have become an invariable attribute in the markets, shopping pavilions, hypermarkets and small shops. But practicality is not the only feature: UD-Pack Kharkov offers you products also of excellent quality. By purchasing our bags on the roll, you receive solid products. It is made of HDPE, which has high viscous properties and also has advanced flexibility, extensibility, and elasticity. All packing bags on the rolls are impermeable and resistant to moisture. But the undoubted advantage of this type of packaging, of course, is its price. The company UD-Pack Kharkov offers you to buy bags on the roll at an optimally low cost. We are located in Kharkov and cooperate with customers all over the world. To place an order, use the phones on the site.

пакет в рулоне


Flat bags by UD-Pack Kharkov are one of the most popular types of packaging in the world. They are used for different groups of goods and in various spheres. Such popularity is explained by the affordable price and high quality of the products. Production is conducted in accordance with strict requirements for achieving a high result. It is not surprising that today this packaging is preferred both in production and in everyday life. Filling bags are made of high-strength HDPE. The material is odor-proof and hygienic. Products will become a reliable protection against the negative impact of external factors: dirt, dust, water, minor damage. The production of packing bags is carried out on modern equipment with the involvement of leading specialists. Thanks to this, we are able to achieve the optimum result and meet the requirements of customers. We appreciate every customer and make every effort to ensure that the quality of the packing bags is consistently high. Feel free to order our products, we work internationally. To do this, just give us a call and the sales managers of the company will kindly provide you with all the necessary information.

фасовочный пакет


A wide range of packaging products UD-pack Kharkov is presented only by high-quality goods. Among them, thermal bags are very popular. Their range of usage is quite wide, and the benefits are obvious. Thermal bags are intended to be used for packing, storage, and transport of food products in both cold and warm condition. Often thermal bags are used for grilled chicken, but also for other products. We use high-quality HDPE for their manufacturing. It has high-performance characteristics and is absolutely hygienic at the same time.
The handles of the thermal bags can be tightly closed to support the optimal temperature conditions of the products. Thanks to this, the product will be an excellent choice for those people, who are going on a trip, a picnic or just to a store. Thermo bags keep the temperature from 1.5 up to 4.5 hours. We offer you to place an order for high-quality products of UD-Pack Kharkov right now. Delivery of thermal bags is carried out all over Ukraine. Our office is based in Kharkov. You can find our e-mails or phone numbers on our website. In case of any questions feel free to give us a call.



Disposable gloves belong to the budget-friendly range of our products and have become an integral part of production and trade. Their low price does not speak for quality at all. The company UD-pack Kharkov produces only high-quality products, as you can see for yourself. Each process in the production of the one-way gloves is strictly controlled. In addition, we do not stop at what we have already achieved and constantly improve them to make you happy with high-quality products and beyond. We guarantee you the excellent quality of the whole range. The fabrication material is HDPE. It demonstrates excellent performance characteristics, in addition, it is soft and pliable. The latter properties are especially important because thanks to this cellophane gloves are easy to dress. The scope of disposable gloves is not limited to retail outlets. They are also used in cosmetology, cooking, everyday life and other directions. In any case, choosing our products, you receive in return high-quality goods at the optimally low price. Contact us in any convenient way. The site hosts telephones and e-mail. Managers of UD-Pack Kharkov will be happy to answer all your questions and fulfill the order as soon as possible. Just call us.

одноразовая перчатка


Company UD-Pack Kharkov offers you to buy high-quality disposable aprons. This work clothes are actively used in various areas and serve as a protection. Today it can be found both in the pharmaceutical, food industry, everyday life and cosmetology. Disposable aprons fit precisely on the body and thus do not constrain movements. High-quality HDPE material is used for production. Its density is quite high, so it is not easy to damage the polyethylene of a disposable apron. In addition, its structure repels liquid and protects clothes from dirt, dust, pollution in the production. The HDPE material is environmentally friendly and safe for human health.

Each part of the manufacturing process of the disposable polyethylene aprons made is strictly controlled by our high-class specialists to achieve an excellent result. We guarantee you to get high-quality one-way aprons and be sure to order from us again. You can ask questions about the products by the phones indicated on the site. Managers in Kharkov will provide all the necessary information. Delivery of disposable aprons is carried out throughout Ukraine by reliable postal services.

одноразовый фартук


Grill bags are widely represented in the assortment of UD-pack Kharkov. Their importance and popularity are quite obvious, because it is difficult to imagine a person who does not like products cooked on the grill. The main area of application is cooking, and the function is the preservation of heat. In addition, these products are resistant to high temperatures and do not deform under the influence of hot foods. The manufacturing material is presented by an environmentally-friendly polypropylene. When contacting hot food, grill packs do not emit harmful substances. This is the main reason for its use as the main material. Moreover, in addition to environmental friendliness and heat resistance, polypropylene is distinguished by its strength. High density is provided by several layers of film and foil. The latten does not allow the products to cool down. To achieve an excellent result, each stage of production is controlled and supported with modern equipment. The introduction of new technologies and the use of high-quality raw materials are the keys to the success of the company. To place an order, just call us. We work in the whole territory of Ukraine. If you have any questions, you can always contact our managers in Kharkov. The price of grill bags will highly surprise you, because it is not only high-quality products, but also low-priced. Give us a call.

пакет гриль


In addition to standard packaging products, UD-pack Kharkov offers biodegradable bags to its customers. The question of caring for the environment is becoming more relevant day by day. Therefore, we decided to approach it with all seriousness and introduced a new technology that meets the increased requirements for environmental safety. Today biodegradable bags are an excellent alternative to the usual packaging products. At the same time, its cost is affordable to everyone. As you could already understand by the name, the feature of the product is self-decomposition. Today, it is common to divide products into several types. We suggest you buy a decomposable oxo-biobags. The base of the product is a usual plastic bag, which is covered with a special substance serving as a decomposition catalyst. Characteristics of strength are not inferior to those of standard products. As for the time of decomposition, it is several times shorter. Every day more and more people choose biodegradable bags. Because in this way we care about our future. The company UD-pack Kharkov in Kharkov is happy to present you new products of any sizes to order and offers to buy it at the lowest possible price. We work in the whole territory of Ukraine.

биоразлагаемый пакет


Plastic bags with the application of the logo are an excellent advertisement for both already established and for start-up brands. The company UD-pack Kharkov offers you its services. Over the years, we have been manufacturing not only attractive but also robust packaging products. You just need to provide a layout and specify the size, everything else will be performed by us. The basis of plastic bags with the logo is the HDPE material. It is distinguished by its high strength and, of course, absolutely harmless.
The material does not allow foreign smells and protects from dust, dirt, and moisture. Such bags with the logo can be used in any industry: food, industrial, medicine, cosmetology, and others. For the production of bags with the logo is used not only quality raw materials, but also modern equipment. High-class specialists are engaged in manufacturing; as a result, we obtain products of excellent quality. For ordering bags with logo printing, please contact us by phone. Managers will consult you and help you if necessary. We work in Kharkov, and the delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine.

пакет с логотипом

Polyethylene filler sacks

Polyethylene filler sacks are ideal for packaging and further storage of different types of goods. Polyethylene bags are especially strong. This product is very capacious and takes up a small amount of space while in a collapsed form. It is also used for: packaging and storage of food, vegetables, storage of non-food products, etc. UD-Pak uses only high-quality raw materials for manufacturing of finished products. Advantages of polyethylene fillers sacks are: protection of products from water and moisture, as well as from temperature changes, compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards is observed, thanks to the use of polyethylene bags. Thanks to the above-listed advantages, this product has become an indispensable attribute in household and various types of industrial spheres. If you need any further information on this product, we will be pleased to advise you.

мешки полиэтиленовые

Polyethylene covers for clothes

Polyethylene covers for clothes are the best way to protect clothing from pollution, mechanical damage and moisture, so from all of the problems that usually arise with the long storage or transportation of clothing. This type of product, or rather this type of protection, has been widely used not so long ago. The use of polyethylene covers for clothes allowed sellers to differ from competitors and stand out with a special cleanliness and professional approach. The main advantages of polyethylene covers for clothes are: re-usability, lightness, elasticity and price. So, the covers protect, for a while, things from ultraviolet radiation. The company UD-Pack Kharkiv offers you its services. You can place an order for this product by calling our managers or leaving an order.

Чехлы полиэтиленовые для одежды


The disposable cape was manufactured for hairdressers, beauty salons, and dentists. It has an excellent air permeability, and also protects against dust and contaminants. Cape does not cause allergic reactions. Suitable for both men and women. In universal size. Our company manufacturer UD Pack Kharkov guarantees you only quality products. We can deliver all over the world. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us at any of the numbers below. Our managers will gladly advise you.

пеньюар одноразовый

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